About Us

Kempf Kreations LLC is your Kansas City source for Custom & Luxury Autos + Auto Inspired Apparel

What's up guys, we appreciate you stoping by!

We're Chase & Haley Kempf, the people behind Kempf Kreations. Both of us have been in the automotive industry as fans, racers & wrenchers - wrapped 360 degrees in the automotive lifestyle.

Kempf Kreations started one truck build at a time... then another, then some sports car builds, a few UTV builds & here we are... Serving people just like us who love cool cars, trucks & off-road toys. Today, we continue to build and sell custom autos for our amazing clients.

Now, we're bringing you guys some of our most popular apparel to support your automotive lifestyle! From hats, beanies to t-shirts and hoodies, every item has been hand selected by us to work and play as hard as you do! Whether you work in the automotive industry or just love off-roading we've got the gear for you!